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Idaho king 
A company that promotes your company. 
The more success that your company has, the more people will  join Idaho king. which in turn provides a better chance that when people visit Idaho king, they will see your services and goods.
We have many web sites that we use to draw
 potential customers to our site We advertise some of our sites, and when people call us we tell them about the great company's on  Other company's on Idahoking run adds also. 
So it brings the a positive notation to the phrase -   

What Goes Around
Comes Around 


We can teach you and your family how to Build web sites
 host your own and other company's web sites.
Run  their ads on your site and they will pay you  I will teach you how to put
Ad words from Google on your sites
Google Pays well
We own 
check it out Ad words and paid ads

You can put a shopping cart using Pay Pal to sell items in the
want ads or on line
 Great for wife's in home business and
young people building web sites for their friends and making money

  Kids make money
or play Videos
? you make the call

Visit  our school   Bob's School

Bobs School We teach you how you can build your own web site, Buy a domain name and building your own web sites & inserting key words, submitting you own site to search engines. Hosting your site and using Ad words is easy.
A Full Service Web Design & Hosting Company

Call Robert  208-371-7757  Or

We design web sites, standard html, 
 From 1 page to 200 + pages
 Have a shopping cart to provide Visa for your customers.
Or Link your site to us.
See  For accepting Visa

We help Parents and their kids
 to learn how to build web sites buy and sell products.
 We are not a
Get Rich Quick Company Just 1 Click at a Time.


Design sites like

  Great Basin Safety        




Eagle Meridian Nampa Caldwell



Industrial Paint  Manufacturers